what should I wear?

Check out the What to Wear Blogs for inspiration, but anything goes! Wear as much or as little as you like for your session. Don't forget your shoes and accessories. Bringing items that already have a meaning, can turn them into very special thought. You can show as little or as much as you want in your session, That is up to you! 

Can this be a secret? 

Absolutely! Most of the ladies that have sessions tend to be giving this as a gift for someone else. I won't even post a sneak peek on facebook if you don't want me to. 

Can I have my partner or a friend there? 

Unless you are having a couples session, no. Partners aren't allowed in during the session, but are welcome at the reveal and ordering Session. A girl-friend of yours is allowed to come with you, if notified in advance, although we don't recommend it. Why? because no matter how much more comfortable you think you will be, you will be surprised to find yourself looking to whom you bring for approval of every pose, or look and sometimes their own interjections can play negatively into the experience. 

Where do the sessions take place?

Sessions can take place at my home studio, your home, Hotels, and even in outdoor areas. Anywhere we can make pictures at i am willing to go! Have an idea? Just ask and i'll research the possibilities for you! 


How should I prepare for my session?

Before the day, you will want to make sure you are shaved (or waxed,) if you are waxing make sure you wax 3 days to a week before your session to ensure any rashes or bumps you may get from it are gone. If you are dying your hair, do that a week in advance to make sure there isn't any staining. Drink lots of water the day before-it will ensure your skin is glowing! On the day, make sure you have your bags packed and wear loose clothing to prevent any indentations in the skin.  

Do you provide outfits? 

Images by Carolina does have some fun wardrobe pieces and enhancers, but the sizes vary. Wear whatever you want from it, but do not depend on it alone for your session. 

Do we meet before our session?

Of course we can. I am more than happy to have an in person consult upon booking, or a google hangout/skype chat anytime! Call or email me and we can set it up!

What is your rescheduling policy? 

 Sometimes things come up, I understand that. You are permitted to reschedule once without losing your deposit. If you decide to reschedule a 2nd time, your retainer for the session will be forfeited and you will need to secure a new retainer in order to schedule again. This is due to the scheduling of everyone involved. The make up artist for you session, the photographer have all dedicated their time to you and have by passed other opportunities to ensure the day is for you and about you. When you cancel, very rarely is their enough time to re-book. No shows, will lose their retainer automatically.

 I'm nervous...what can I expect?

Nerves are expected and actually make the whole experience more rewarding mentally and give a sense of accomplishment! You can expect to have fun and for your nerves to fade as we progress through the day. It is a casual fun environment and well will put on music to fit your personality, go through the wardrobe items you bring, pair outfits together and just laugh together. You won't even remember why you were so nervous. 


Now I have a question for you.... 

 What are you waiting for?



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